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Add login capability to your .NET application using this simple tool

UseMyLogin - Login Screen

Use our LoginUI dialog, or create your own user interface and call the Login() function.

User accounts and sessions are stored in a SQL Server database.

The User Manual documents how to install the database and how to use the library.



UseOurLogin includes a test application that demonstrates all of the library features.  The test application source code is also included.

The test application operations are illustrated in the User Manual.

KeyboardLogin() displays a virtual keyboard to allow a user to enter his Username and Password.

The virtual keyboard can be used on a touchscreen monitor. If a computer keyboard is present, the Username can be entered from the keyboard.

Manage user accounts using the ManageAccounts form that is included in the library. This form allows an Administrator to change user Password and Authorization Level.  An Administrator can also add or delete user accounts.

UseOurLogin can be called as a console application to perform the same functions that are provided in the embedded library.



Our Features

Very Low Cost

We made this with our customers in mind. We want to help as many customers as we can, so we’re producing it at a low cost and passing the savings onto you.

Amazingly Simple to Use

The simplicity of the design and our documentation combined make UseOurLogin the right choice to provide your users a login.

You Own Your Data

The database is not protected, and we don’t keep your data on our end. We do this for the ease of your mind.

Works on Your Company Intranet

We make it simple and easy for you to use UseOurLogin for your company by letting you use it within your company’s intranet.

Two Great Options

UseOurLogin works for server-side or web service, making it easily customizable for your company’s needs.

Perpetual per-development seat or site-wide license

Whether you need one or more licenses, we have your needs covered.

(Plus no distribution or runtime fee, free upgrade within major version (x.0.0-x.9.9) and more to come!)

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